Jack Warner, the former Vice President of FIFA has officially been banned from any official football/soccer sporting event around the world. This isn’t shocking to see as this man is a sneaky criminal to say the least, as of right now Mr. Warner is fighting for extradition to the United States. He claims that he didn’t commit the corruption crimes he’s been charged with & that he did not accept millions of dollars in bribes.

All evidence against him proves exactly otherwise, Mr. Warner knows that he is falling in a hole that has no end. The United States won’t accept his extradition as there could be issues that arise with him coming to the country, such as certain companies no longer providing their services in the country and thus by jobs being lost. No job being lost is worth this horrendous man, he’ll just have to serve the prison sentence he’ll surely be giving for violating several of the code and ethic laws within the FIFA Organization.

US Prosecutors are fighting to have him brought over to the United States so that he may face trail. This means that regardless of where Jack Warner goes in the world he’ll have to face prison time. Eduardo Li, one of the FIFA Officials has already been arrested once he was brought over to the United States. It’s pleasing to know that Mr. Warner & all involved in this year’s FIFA scandal will face prison time for their actions. The new FIFA will stand honorable & true.