Soccer has been proven to provide fitness with benefit that is used to decrease diseases related to lifestyle. Running is more stressful to men than playing soccer and women’s soccer is a great team sport to keep active and a wealthy source of discussion topics.

This was found by a research project that focused their study on the game of soccer and more than seven countries was involved. The research team was combined to extensively research the sociological aspects, physiological and psychological aspects of the sport and to then compare it to running. The study was led by Jens Bansbo and Peter Krustrup, both professors at the Sports Sciences and Exercise department of University Copenhagen. The project stretched over a period of 3 years and involved several studies on women, men and children. The study divided the groups into soccer and running. With remarkable results the Scandinavian Medicine and Science Journal in Sports decided to publish a special edition and titled it Football for Health, the publication offered 14 articles related to the soccer project.

Health Benefits of Soccer

The studies included training for age groups 9 to 77 on untrained subjects. A clear conclusion was reached, that soccer indeed provides fitness and health that are equivalent to running. Krustrup’s conclusions included that soccer contains positive social and motivational factors that greatly contributes to a physical lifestyle. The benefits from training for 2 to 3 hours per week includes cardiovascular and musculoskeletal as well as metabolic welfare.

Professor Bangsbo found that the effects is maintainable for extended periods, even when the training frequency is reduced to 1 or 2 hours per week. Soccer appears to provide effective training and improved performance with health benefits and reduce risk of cardiovascular disease. Some of the aspects suggests that soccer training could be a superior training form when compared to other forms of training such as running. Benefits from soccer includes treatment of hypertension with clear superior benefits to the standardize treatments. Both researchers agreed that soccer could successfully be used to promote an active healthy lifestyle. Studies showed convincingly training effect results to enhance a healthy profile and enhance fitness of the general population. More studies are required to understand the beneficial effects and how it can be used to improve heart health in patient groups such as diabetes and cancer.

Benefits of active soccer for Women

The benefits that soccer provides to women on levels of social and health from running and soccer proofed that although both the sports involves group training, the benefits was significantly different. Runners more focuses on themselves while soccer develops group interaction and socialized discussions. Women felt that running would be easier to maintain after the program was completed, but that was not the case. The important finding was that soccer provided a more social interaction level, which greatly impacts on the possibility of a long term activity. With follow up on activity one year after the experiment, many of the soccer players were still active, while not many of the running group was still active in training. Reasons could include that the runners was focused on getting into shape while the soccer players were more focused to the activity itself and the social benefits. While this is most people main focus, those who enjoy soccer, many also are drawn to variations of the sport when looking for other recreational activities such as playing slots. One worthy of visiting for such information is They include a nice article about the types of soccer themed slots available titled The Love of Soccer in Slots, which will showcase a number of games under this category.