La Liga Educational games for kids. The educational app of LaLiga for children that you will like.

LaLiga, from the hand of developer EDUJOY, launches the application ‘Educational Games’, where learning and playing is possible for children between four and 11 years old.

Mobile devices and tablets have become essential elements in our day to day. Technology grows at a rapid pace and everyone, including the youngest ones, enjoys an evolution in which learning, values ​​and fun are possible. It is one of the main readings that emerge from the collaboration formed by LaLiga with the company EDUJOY for the development of the application ‘Educational Games’, an app with 30 different modalities in which attention, memory, perception can be worked or coordination. One more challenge on the part of LaLiga in the transmission of values ​​that continues to consolidate its commitment to go beyond football.

In this case they do it through this application, whose release to the market was last December 20, 2018. Available for Android and iOS, after just over three months the acceptance has been excellent by all. For Daniel Vicente, Responsible for Apps and Games of LaLiga, has been “very good, exceeding one million downloads”, something shared by Alberto Iglesias, CEO of the developer, who points it as “a complete success throughout the world, not only in Spain. It has been widely downloaded in Brazil, Turkey or Saudi Arabia, with very good reception. Educational games, such as football, are an added value. ” The Brazilian is, in fact, the main market of the game, with 14% of the total users.

In addition, Iglesias emphasizes the comments left by users in the app stores, “which are very good”, as well as the general note, “a 4.2. A good indicator, because those who make use of it consider it a valuable application.”

‘LaLiga Educational Games’ is the first collaborative work for both. A successful challenge in which they came together in order to create games with an educational base for children. Specifically, the target it targets is between four and 11 years old. «The game does not contain texts and therefore it is not necessary that they know how to read and write. This feature also makes it a game that is born as international, “says Daniel Vicente. A market in which the developer company moves like a fish in the water, seeking to add the values ​​of learning included in the game. In this way, and as indicated by Alberto Iglesias, the time spent by the smallest with mobile devices “serves for learning” is sought.

To activate these values, they collaborate with different professionals in each of their projects. Professionals of education, psychologists and neuroscience – cognitive and psychomotor skills are worked on – that contribute to the final result of this LaLiga application, from where the education of the youngest children was considered very important. Something to which they are more than accustomed, as indicated by Alberto Iglesias: “we have worked with attention deficit, hyperactivity, dyslexia or with children with Down syndrome”.

Miguel Ángel, collaborator in education, is one of those professionals. Director of the Vizcaya College Foundation, values ​​the interest and motivation for the world of football and projects it on activities that work in different areas of learning. «A way to develop basic skills, for boys and girls, in a fun and motivating way». Highlighting the “easy access to great diversity of games of all kinds”, these are games that enhance different values ​​of education. From the reasoning and the speed of thought – performing simple operations and solving problems accompanied by football elements – to games of attention and visual acuity – stimulating the perception through football players or team coats of arms -, passing through the training of memory – memorizing elements related to soccer.

A great success of an idea, a concern, on the part of LaLiga workers and, as Daniel Vicente points out, his desire to “contribute to the education of our children”, an audience increasingly immersed in the technological world. Today, thanks to the collaboration with the developer EDUJOY, it is a reality that unites sport and values. A way to open a market that has not yet been exploited and that, surely, will continue to grow. As Alberto Iglesias concludes, “the experience has been very valuable. Surely there will be other ideas ». Values ​​such as transparency, improvement or integrity put at the service of the smallest.


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