Pelé іѕ a Brazilian football player widely recognized аѕ thе best footballer оf аll tіmеѕ. Hе wаѕ named thе Athlete оf thе Century bу thе Olympic Committee іn аt thе turn оf thе century.

During his 1 281 official football matches, Pelé scored an astonishing 1281 goals. No football player has even been close to beating this record average. Pelé was a right foot and left foot shooter, and also a skilled head player despite being no taller than 173 centimeters. In addition to scoring goals, Pelé was a valuable assist on the field.

Pelé has several nicknames, of which Pelé is one (his legal first name is Edson). Other examples of his nicknames are Perola Negra (Black Pearl) and O Rei do Futebol (The King of Football).


Pelé started playing in Bauru Athletic Club juniors at the age of 14. He turned pro at the age of 17 and premiered in the national team of Brazil two years later during 1958 FIFA World Cup. For the first time ever, Brazil won the World Cup. In the final against Sweden, Pelé scored two of Brazil’s five goals.

By the early 1960’s Pelé was an international superstar and widely hailed as the best footballer of them all. Several football clubs, including many European clubs, showed an interest in recruiting him, but he elected to stay with Santos in his native Brazil until 1974. During this time, Santos won a long row of importants titles and received numerous awards. They won the prestigious Copa Libertadores several times and became one of Brazil’s the most highly regarded football clubs.

In 1962, Pelé participated in his second FIFA World Cup. He was badly injured, but the Brazilian team still managed to capture the gold. In the 1966 FIFA World Cup Pelé was injured again and this time the Brazilian team was forced to leave the tournament during  the play off.

By 1970 FIFA World Cup Pelés injuries had healed and he could help his team to victory once more. In the world cup final against Italy Pelé scored one of Brazil’s four goals, and he assisted another two.

During his time in the Brazilian national team, Pelé played 92 matches and scored a total of 77 goals.

Pelé retired from Santos in 1974 but returned to the football field one year later playing for New York Cosmos. In 1977 he retired once more, and this time it was for good. Since then, Pelé has served as an ambassador for the sport and he has also been active in Brazilian politics.

Private life

  • Pelé is a nickname, his full registered name is Edson Arantes do Nascimento. His parents named him after the inventor Thomas Edison.
  • Edson Arantes do Nasciment was born in Três Corações in 1940. Três Corações is located in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais.
  • Pelés father is named Dondinho João Ramos do Nascimento, while Pelés mother is named Celeste Arantes.
  • Dondinho João Ramos do Nascimento used to play in the Fluminense football team.
  • Pelé was raised in Bauru, a poor neighboorhod in São Paulo. 7
  • Pelé has three younger sibblings.
  • While growing up, Pelé worked in tea stores.
  • Pelé could not afford to purchase footballs as a child. Instead, he played with grapefruits or with socks stuffed with newspaper.

Pelé married Rosemeri dos Reis Cholbi in 1966. They had three children: Kelly Cristina (born 1967), Edson (born 1970) and Jennifer (born 1978). The couple divorced in 1982.

  • Pelé married Assíria Lemos Seixas in 1994, and the twins Joshua and Celeste was born in 1996. Pelé and Assiria are now separated.