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Turkey Soccer Fans Show Hate towards Paris

European Soccer, depending on where you live can be a great experience or a violent experience. The violent route has now taken effect into the country of Turkey. Turkey football fans were at a stadium where they were viewing a soccer match. While the French fans is London’s Webley Stadium stood in silence over the French national anthem, those in Istanbul decided to boo the French National Anthem.

Turkey Soccer

These Turkish fans once again showed their ignorance towards the world. This ugly incident has only once again made people throughout the world despise them slowly due to their acts of violence & ignorance. As these people continue to beg the rest of the world for asylum, yet showcase their hate towards a more Northern American lifestyle they’ll be met with hate & racism. As of right now the total percentage of Turkish people whom are Pro-Islamic State is at 9% with this number growing every few days.

The mass majority of those whom live peaceful lives in other countries will begin to retaliate as analysts believe. If this is the case then a civil war between two groups of very different people could take place globally. Luckily though the country of Russia is currently hitting all extremists with everything they’ve got, they suspect that by the end of the year they’ll have removed all ISIS-Extremists from the Middle East. Any extremists who may try to attack Russia on their home ground as rumors indicate will be met with one of the toughest armies known to man.

Illinois Football Player Passes Away

American Football is often considered to be one of the most ignorant sports in the world. The reasoning for this is because the sport literally is designed around bashing someone down to the ground. Well thanks to this incredibly dangerous sport yet again another high school football player has been killed during the 2015 season. Andre Smith is the seventh U.S. High School who had died due to the fact that he was injured greatly while on the field.

Bogan High School

This time it was revealed by witnesses at the Bogan High School that this senior was tackled extremely hard to the ground, he remained on the ground for several minutes before he walked off the field. He then a few minutes later complained of a headache where he then collapsed on the team bench. Apparently he passed away a minute later due to blunt force head injuries.
The family members of this young man are vastly upset. Due so this Smith’s are doing everything in their power to put this school into the gutter. Their first suing the school as well as working towards pressing charges towards the tackler. Luckily the student who tackled this man is going to be charged, regardless if it was a mistake or not this was still murder.

The senior tackler who took Andre Smith’s life will have to spend the next twenty five years of his life in jail if the jury agrees he deserves it. All witnesses state that the tackler was purposely going out of his way to take down Andre, it was noticeable to all whom were watching the game.

Jack Warner Banned From All Football Events

Jack Warner, the former Vice President of FIFA has officially been banned from any official football/soccer sporting event around the world. This isn’t shocking to see as this man is a sneaky criminal to say the least, as of right now Mr. Warner is fighting for extradition to the United States. He claims that he didn’t commit the corruption crimes he’s been charged with & that he did not accept millions of dollars in bribes.

Jack Warner

All evidence against him proves exactly otherwise, Mr. Warner knows that he is falling in a hole that has no end. The United States won’t accept his extradition as there could be issues that arise with him coming to the country, such as certain companies no longer providing their services in the country and thus by jobs being lost. No job being lost is worth this horrendous man, he’ll just have to serve the prison sentence he’ll surely be giving for violating several of the code and ethic laws within the FIFA Organization.

US Prosecutors are fighting to have him brought over to the United States so that he may face trail. This means that regardless of where Jack Warner goes in the world he’ll have to face prison time. Eduardo Li, one of the FIFA Officials has already been arrested once he was brought over to the United States. It’s pleasing to know that Mr. Warner & all involved in this year’s FIFA scandal will face prison time for their actions. The new FIFA will stand honorable & true.

Tim Beckman Fired!

The University of Illinois has fired its head football coach as of this morning. Tim Beckman, the head coach behind this team is now unemployed and looking for work. It’s doubtful this former CFL Player & coach will be able to find any work though as it’s suspected he’s lost his job due to the fact that he mishandles player injuries. The only issue with firing Mr. Beckman is that the season started only days ago, finding a new head coach is urgent.

Tim Beckman

The University of Illinois more than likely already has a new head coach lined up and their probably waiting until the next game until they announce the new head coach. There are only eight potential replacements which could take over Mr. Beckman’s position but none the less what this shows is that the game of football is changing. Respect for the players, their concerns and injuries are becoming more common as ultimately there the ones who fill the seats in the stands and not the coach. This is why so many CFL and NFL football teams have begun to hire more honorable coaches.

Tim Beckman hasn’t been able to be reached for comment as of right now. This is a man known for losing his temper so it could be a few days before he releases a statement regarding the future of his career. Though if sports analysts are correct then this man’s days of coaching incredible football players are officially over. It now seems that Beckman has finally been Beckman’d.

Roc Nation Sports Signs Jerome Boateng

Roc Nation Sports, the sports agency owned by Jaz Z revealed earlier today that they’ve signed on Jerome Boateng. This is an astonishing move for the sports agency as Jerome is one of the biggest soccer stars in the world now and is slated to be a superstar player by he is thirty.

Roc Nation Sports

These two men spent the entire day today at Jaz Z’s private villa, the location of this villa unknown to the public. While spending the day with each other they spoke about various sports, music and other things. Who knows? Possibly without the kindness that Jaz Z has he wouldn’t have been able to land this contract.Owning this contract means that anyone who wants to use the Jerome Boateng name has to do so by going through Roc Nation Sports. That means a piece of the profit is awarded to Jay Z’s sports agency. Unfortunately it is unknown as to how long it’ll take the rap star to turn a profit on this deal as the contract amount wasn’t revealed to the public.

None the less this has been an incredible summer for Jay Z as he didn’t just sign Jerome but he also signed Dallas Cowboy superstar “Dez Bryant” for $70 Million, $45 million given up front. These contracts alone are enough to allow for these rising stars to be rich for the rest of their lives but knowing them this is just the beginning of what will surely be a future fortune for both Jerome and Dez.

Rugby Trying to Compete Alongside Football in Brazil

Brazil is often considered one of the leading countries in the world for football (Non-American). It is rare to see the country team lose a match & all of their professional league teams are feared amongst other teams around the area. Brazil is by far the leading country for football in Southern America & will country to be for decades to come. It seems that Rugby, a game which is a mixture of American & Non-American football is trying to gain some of that popularity.


Unfortunately as of right now Rugby isn’t popular in the country of Brazil. The reason for this is simple, it’s because the sport isn’t a part of the soul of Brazil. Every sport tends to just be a sport but football is different in Brazil, it a sport played by all and average players would be considered professional in Canada or America. It’ll take Rugby more than they could possibly imagine in order to compete on the same level & it would take decades that the sport doesn’t have.

This doesn’t mean that Rugby can’t gain some level of popularity in the country. Already this sport has been able to gain a professional league in Brazil with players from within the country & outside of it making a series of teams. The Rio de Janeiro team being the best out of the lot. As of right now Rugby has a popularity percentage amongst the citizens of 10.4% with that amount growing quickly with each passing month.

Manchester City Wins Friendly against TFC

Manchester City, currently the top scoring team in the Premier British League played off against the Toronto Football Club on the 27th of May. This match was impressive to say the least as TFC was able to hold their defence, penetrate the Man City defense & have multiple scoring opportunities during that match. Something no one was expecting before the game started.

Toronto Football Club

Unfortunately Toronto did end up losing to Manchester City on the 85th Minute. This came after the TFC Goalie had been hit with a soccer ball directly in the face, making him fuzzy & slow to his reaction speed. The fact that this MLS team was able to stand against the likes of the best British Premier League team this year has shocked fans all around Ontario & has sparked interest in the team.

One of the more notable aspects of this match is that Manchester City arrived to Toronto after playing their full season while Toronto is only half way through their own. This means Man City is at their best as a team for the year, their knowledge of one another & how they play is an advantage to any team, let alone a team that hasn’t had as much play time for the year.

This only shows the power, strength & skill that Toronto FC has though as it means they potentially can become one of the best teams in their league. Most fans have confidence that their football team will be able to make the MLS Playoffs this year.

Football Simulators Begin To Die Off

The Northern American version of Football isn’t a game that can be simulated through technology. It is a game that truly needs to be played in person for you to experience. This isn’t a statement but now a confirmed fact as it was revealed by Electronic Arts, a company famous for making sports simulators for the average man that football simulators are begin to die and will continue to do so with each passing year.

sports simulators

This came as a shock to many of the fans that still enjoy these simulators but the truth of the matter is that these simulators don’t gain recognition and when they have it has always been a disappointment. EA has officially stated that after this year they will no longer be creating any other football simulators as it isn’t worth the loss in profit. Football Simulators isn’t the only part of football losing its popularity, the sport itself is slowly starting to decline in popularity with each passing season. Most people believe that it’s because of the in your face attitude of the sport and constant approval of drinking alcohol that is turning people off from the sport.

Every sport once lives at its peak and every sport will one day die out of its glory. The only sport not affected by this process is the original football, soccer is a sport that can be rooted back to the very beginning of our human history. It has taken on many different names throughout the century, it seems that the Northern American Football which took on the same name won’t have the same devoutness that its original counterpart has.

Fantasy Football Gains Popularity In New York City

There are millions who have heard of fantasy football, it allows for people all around the globe to make their own personal football teams with players currently on the NFL League and pit them against one another. It’s popularity has been rising so much that there is now an Internet Cafe in New York City that is completely dedicated to fantasy football. People from all around the city will be able to come to this cafe in order to hop on their computers, pit their teams against other people in the cafe and enjoy some tasty treats in the process.

Fantasy Football

Already this cafe is rising to popularity as it is being spoken around the city to everyone who enjoyed fantasy football. Unfortunately it seems that the cafe is already having issues being able to place everyone in the confinement of the cafe. This is why the Fantasy Football Luxury Cafe has already announced that once it reaches a certain level of profit they will be opening up a second establishment. They’ll also be continuing the process until they’ve found that their able to sustain all their customers throughout all of their locations.

There is unfortunately no word if they will be expanding their operating into another major city such as Chicago, Miami, San Francisco or Las Vegas. We will keep you informed on all of the new “Fantasy Football Luxury Cafe’s” that open in the future. Until then you will have to go to New York City in order to be a part of the fun.

Soccer Games All Across Greece Suspended

All the professional soccer league games in Greece have been suspended due to an attack to a referee earlier on last week. The referee has been in the hospital for the last week after the violent attack. This referee was beaten with wooden clubs earlier on Friday morning when two men drove past him on a motorcycle and proceeded to get off. There is no word as to how this referee’s condition is as of right now, all that we know is that he is currently in the hospital but most likely will live. soccer Due to this attack every professional soccer league games in Greece have now been suspended. This isn’t the first time that professional matches have been suspended before, there have been many times in the past due to violent attacks where matches have been suspended. This attack is recent as the last one occurred in September. The government of Greece has stated that they are planning to take appropriate actions in order to ensure that these kind of things don’t happen in the future. It could be a long period of time before we see a soccer match played in Greece again. There are people who live in that country who love the sport of football and would do horrific things in its name. Clearly these people are unstable and the government will put new protocols in place in order to ensure that this doesn’t happen once again. We’ll inform you on the impending changes to Greece’s soccer leagues and potential laws.

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