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Rugby Trying to Compete Alongside Football in Brazil

Brazil is often considered one of the leading countries in the world for football (Non-American). It is rare to see the country team lose a match & all of their professional league teams are feared amongst other teams around the area. Brazil is by far the leading country for football in Southern America & will country to be for decades to come. It seems that Rugby, a game which is a mixture of American & Non-American football is trying to gain some of that popularity.


Unfortunately as of right now Rugby isn’t popular in the country of Brazil. The reason for this is simple, it’s because the sport isn’t a part of the soul of Brazil. Every sport tends to just be a sport but football is different in Brazil, it a sport played by all and average players would be considered professional in Canada or America. It’ll take Rugby more than they could possibly imagine in order to compete on the same level & it would take decades that the sport doesn’t have.

This doesn’t mean that Rugby can’t gain some level of popularity in the country. Already this sport has been able to gain a professional league in Brazil with players from within the country & outside of it making a series of teams. The Rio de Janeiro team being the best out of the lot. As of right now Rugby has a popularity percentage amongst the citizens of 10.4% with that amount growing quickly with each passing month.

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