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Manchester City Wins Friendly against TFC

Manchester City, currently the top scoring team in the Premier British League played off against the Toronto Football Club on the 27th of May. This match was impressive to say the least as TFC was able to hold their defence, penetrate the Man City defense & have multiple scoring opportunities during that match. Something no one was expecting before the game started.

Toronto Football Club

Unfortunately Toronto did end up losing to Manchester City on the 85th Minute. This came after the TFC Goalie had been hit with a soccer ball directly in the face, making him fuzzy & slow to his reaction speed. The fact that this MLS team was able to stand against the likes of the best British Premier League team this year has shocked fans all around Ontario & has sparked interest in the team.

One of the more notable aspects of this match is that Manchester City arrived to Toronto after playing their full season while Toronto is only half way through their own. This means Man City is at their best as a team for the year, their knowledge of one another & how they play is an advantage to any team, let alone a team that hasn’t had as much play time for the year.

This only shows the power, strength & skill that Toronto FC has though as it means they potentially can become one of the best teams in their league. Most fans have confidence that their football team will be able to make the MLS Playoffs this year.

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