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Football Simulators Begin To Die Off

The Northern American version of Football isn’t a game that can be simulated through technology. It is a game that truly needs to be played in person for you to experience. This isn’t a statement but now a confirmed fact as it was revealed by Electronic Arts, a company famous for making sports simulators for the average man that football simulators are begin to die and will continue to do so with each passing year.

sports simulators

This came as a shock to many of the fans that still enjoy these simulators but the truth of the matter is that these simulators don’t gain recognition and when they have it has always been a disappointment. EA has officially stated that after this year they will no longer be creating any other football simulators as it isn’t worth the loss in profit. Football Simulators isn’t the only part of football losing its popularity, the sport itself is slowly starting to decline in popularity with each passing season. Most people believe that it’s because of the in your face attitude of the sport and constant approval of drinking alcohol that is turning people off from the sport.

Every sport once lives at its peak and every sport will one day die out of its glory. The only sport not affected by this process is the original football, soccer is a sport that can be rooted back to the very beginning of our human history. It has taken on many different names throughout the century, it seems that the Northern American Football which took on the same name won’t have the same devoutness that its original counterpart has.

Fantasy Football Gains Popularity In New York City

There are millions who have heard of fantasy football, it allows for people all around the globe to make their own personal football teams with players currently on the NFL League and pit them against one another. It’s popularity has been rising so much that there is now an Internet Cafe in New York City that is completely dedicated to fantasy football. People from all around the city will be able to come to this cafe in order to hop on their computers, pit their teams against other people in the cafe and enjoy some tasty treats in the process.

Fantasy Football

Already this cafe is rising to popularity as it is being spoken around the city to everyone who enjoyed fantasy football. Unfortunately it seems that the cafe is already having issues being able to place everyone in the confinement of the cafe. This is why the Fantasy Football Luxury Cafe has already announced that once it reaches a certain level of profit they will be opening up a second establishment. They’ll also be continuing the process until they’ve found that their able to sustain all their customers throughout all of their locations.

There is unfortunately no word if they will be expanding their operating into another major city such as Chicago, Miami, San Francisco or Las Vegas. We will keep you informed on all of the new “Fantasy Football Luxury Cafe’s” that open in the future. Until then you will have to go to New York City in order to be a part of the fun.

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