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Derek Jeter Sys Goodbye At Fenway Park

Derek Jeter, one of the greatest baseball players of the last twenty years has finally hanged up his glove and retired from the MLB. Derek Jeter is considered to be one of the greats as throughout the years he has helped pave the way for his teams to win the MLB Championship. Eyes were all on him during his last game, everyone wanted to see Mr. Jeter score a home run before he left the field for his final time.

Derek Jeter did just that at Fenway Park as in the third inning he was able to land his bat on the ball and score a home run. Derek openly said that he put everything he had into that one final swing, he put all his efforts physically and mentally to scoring that home run. His efforts clearly paid off, it’s an incredible way for any player to end his career off.

It’s unknown as to what Derek Jeter plans to do with his free time now, he has played in twenty seasons in Major League Baseball. He is a millionaire and more than likely will spend his foreseeable future vacationing the world with his wife. There is also a good chance that he will become a father in the future as well and spend his time taking care of his future children.

Regardless of what Derek Jeter might do in the future, he is one of the best MLB stars in history and he will always be remembered for his efforts in the league.

Brazil’s World Cup Team to Rebuild

The Brazilian Nation soccer team is in the process of rebuilding after its devastating loss in the world cup. The need to update plays, increases its roaster on fresh talent is evident if they wish to return to the spotlight.


There are some real problems that simply are difficult to ignore as they did not inspire and were not favored to win, let alone make the finals. Even famed announcer Juca Kfouri stated that the must rebuild this team from scratch. The choice of hiring Dunga to lead the team, who was fired once before, was criticized when most wanted to see new blood leading the team with fresh ideas. The only experience this coach has had is in his position with the world cup team however beyond that, and as a player, he has no other qualifications.

As reported in the New York Times the team failed to impress during practises in Florida and during the semifinals the national audience actually booed the team and hurled insults out of disappointment, even though the team came out as victors.

What will transpire as the team builds is anyone’s guess. Whether a new coach is hired to lead the team with fresh ideas and one who develops new plays that are unexpected is also up for discussion. The hope is that a new roaster of players will have a large impact on the team and that success will follow. When you consider the sheer passion for the countries national sport, the pressure is immense on those who lead and play for the team.

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Staten Island Student Collapses and Dies During Football Practice

Miles Kirkland-Thomas, a sixteen year old student who attended Curtis High School collapsed while attending his high school’s football practice. All the students practicing were doing drills, running up the field twelve times and then taking a water break. During the twelfth run up the field Miles fell down to the ground, collapsing where he barely was able to remain awake. An ambulance then arrived on scene where they took Miles into their custody, he was then confirmed to be in cardiac arrest where he was later pronounced dead when the ambulance reached the hospital.

Curtis High School

All members in the Kirkland-Thomas family have been mourning Miles death for the last four days. The mother has apparently been crying all of these four days, having no sleep in between each day. The School is even shocked by this death and have held a ceremony today in his honor. New York State rules indicate that if temperatures hit eighty five degree with eighty percent humidity the practice or game must be called off. On this day it was seventy eight degrees with a humidity of seventy five percent. The coach and school has been gaining a lot of back fire saying that students still can’t play in this kind of heat.

Carmen Farina, the Schools Chancellor said the following, “Curtis High is deeply saddened by the death of Miles Kirkland-Thomas. Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in the Kirkland-Thomas family. We will be investigating this matter to the best of our abilities with the help of local police. We hope that this family can recover from this tragic event.”

Minnesota Football Players Cited For Underage Drinking

Two dozen students from the University of Minnesota have been cited with underage drinking which took place over the long weekend. The twenty four students located at this house party included each member in the team but none the less this matter is going to be handled by the school and not the police themselves.

University of Minnesota

Underage drinking in the United States of America has proven to be a massive issue throughout the last decade. When other countries such as Canada have a legal drinking age of nineteen and their citizens don’t prove to abuse that law, it in return angers students in University in the United States of America. This has resulted in underage drinking becoming one of the largest issues in the United States of America.
Police were called to a large house party located near the campus of the University of Minnesota where they found teenagers from the ages of eighteen to just nearly twenty one partying in this small house. None of these students have been charged with underage drinking as the school will be handling each one of these students internally. Curt Wiese, the Minnesota Bulldogs Coach confirmed this issue with a statement.
“It is true that my players were caught underage drinking earlier on this weekend. Some of them will be suspended from a series of games while some of them will be punished more severely. As of right now the university is unknown as to who will be punished as this issue has to be investigated and then acted upon.”

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