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Russia Will Host The 2018’s World Cup

It was already decided more than a year ago that Russia would be hosting the 2018 Fifa World Cup. This information was only revealed to us earlier on today. Already players, coaches and team owners have come out saying that this don’t approve of their decision to allow for the Fifa World Cup to be hosted in Russia. The reason for this is because Vladimir Putin is acting as a leader who resembles the likes of Adolf Hitler. He has openly invaded one country and has plans to invade more. Russia is also now being considered as their own nation not connected to the NATO.

Fifa Russia 2018

Barack Obama, the President of the United States of America has openly said that if Russia invades another country he will be taking action and there have been rumors that Vladimir Putin is planning to invade more neighboring countries to Russia. This means that a war could more than likely be a possibility in the future and if this is the case that means Football players from all around the world would have to play in a war ridden country.

The fact of the matter is that if a war begins in Russia, there is a good chance that the venue will be held in another country. Security was tripled in Brazil due to potential terrorist activity, just imagine the level of security that would be needed in Russia. Football Analysts believe that Fifa Officials choose Russia to get on national news and promote the world cup that much more. It seems like doing this would be the worst decision that Fifa Officials have made. Prior to  Russia they wanted were considering Iran as the next host, making many think that Fifa Officials aren’t thinking clearly.

College Football On The Rise

Football continues to remain as one of the most popular sports within the America. The National Football League brings in millions upon millions of viewers each season. Recently it was revealed by the NCFL that the NFL has lost some of their popularity and that the National College Football League as risen in popularity. The NFCL holds a great deal of tradition, each game you go to there is a band playing beautiful songs and these traditions have allowed for college football to grow.


As of now the NCFL is recruiting new players to the league. This means football players from various high schools within the United States are about to receive a four year or two year contract with one of the college’s that participate in the NCFL. Calvin Ridley has already been recruited, he is a wide receiver and will now be playing for the Alabama Crimson Tide’s.

Calvin Ridley spoke to reporters about his recruitment to the Crimson Tide’s saying, “For the last four years I have pushed myself in high school to be one of the best Football Players in the country. This required a lot of effort on my part but the end result is that my hard work has paid off. I now get to play for one of the best college football teams in the USA. I will continue to push myself in college to better my skills as a Football Player. I hope that the extra effort I make each day will help me in achieving my dream of one day playing in the National Football League. This has been my dream since I was a young boy and I will now accomplish that dream.”

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