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Konami Sales Go Down By 37%

Konami, the video game company behind the Metal Gear Solid franchise announced today that their game sales have gone down by 37% during 2014. This is a major shock to the video game industry as Metal Gear Solid has remained as one of the most popular and profitable shooter series throughout the course of four generations on the Playstation. Metal Gear Solid 1 was first released on the Playstation 1, since than Konami has continued to release multiple Metal Gear Solid’s for each Playstation Platform.

Konami logo

This year Konami released Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeros, a prequel game to the next installment in the franchise “Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain”. Everyone believed that Ground Zeros would bring in massive revenue for Konami as every other Metal Gear Solid game has but after reviews came out stating that the game only ran for roughly three to four hours, the game started to lack in sales. Only the diehard Metal Gear Solid fans purchased Ground Zeros but Konami has promised that The Phantom Pain will be the longest MGS Game to date, marking a total length of 28 Hours story wise. On top of that Konami will be adding a multiplayer feature in “The Phantom Pain”.

Konami made a small statement regarding the fall in their game sales saying, “We realize now that we should of released both games at the same time but people must remember that we can’t put two massive games together on one disc, we had to separate these games in order to complete the full story that we wanted to. This is a final homage to every version of Snake that we’ve ever seen, we wanted to make sure that the story was perfect.”

Blizzard Revealing New Game In 2014

Blizzard, the company behind World of Warcraft and Hearthstone announced that they will be revealing a new game this year. This announcement has put the gaming community in shock as this future announcement could be the revealing of Blizzards next generation MMO called “Titan”. Originally the game was slated to be announced back in 2010 but due to certain issues the game has had to be in development for a longer period of time.

World of Warcraft

Mike Morhaime, the CEO behind Blizzard Entertainment made the announcement at a press interview in Los Angela’s this weekend, stating: “Towards the end of this year we will be revealing a new game that has been highly anticipated since rumors first started floating around about what our next MMO could possibly be. We know that originally this game was slated for a 2010 Reveal and 2011 Release date but during development we completely changed how the game played and looked, resulting in a number of years added to the development cycle. None the less we know that come reveal day everyone will be shocked by what we have created.”

You can currently play World of Warcraft, a decade old MMO that still to this day has millions of players join in on the action on a daily basis. World of Warcraft boasts a total of five expansion packs as of right now with a sixth one on the way. You can choose to either play for the Horde or Alliance, powers changing depending on which side you choose.

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