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BetStar Purchased By Ladbrokes

Ladbrokes, a United Kingdom based gambling firm has announced that they have purchased the Australian Sportsbetting Firm “BetStar” for a total of £12.4 million.”

Ladbrokes will have complete ownership of BetStar but the employee’s who have created the BetStar brand will continue to operate as they always have. There are currently over forty thousand clients with BetStar. During the first quarter of this year BetStar was able to provide a gross win worth $12.9 Million. This helped ensure Ladbrokes that BetStar will continue to be the popular sportsbetting client that it is today.

Ladbrokes logo

Ladbrokes has recently been making its way through the online gambling market in Australia by acquiring multiple gambling services. The last purchase that Ladbrokes made was, showing that Ladbrokes is still mainly a sportsbetting service over an online casino. BetStar marks the latest purchase for Ladbrokes.

Damian Cope, The International Operations and Managing Director for Ladbrokes commented on this deal, stating: “Australia is quickly creating one of the most vibrant online gambling markets in the world. The sports betting services offered in Australia are unlike anything else I have ever seen in the online gambling market. Purchasing BetStar is our next move forward into the sports betting gambling market. We hope to one day become the main sports betting operators in Australia and in the world, one of the ways we can do this is by purchasing incredible operators such as BetStar and Bookmaker.”

He continued saying, “We hope that Australian punters enjoy the sports betting services were going to soon offer them.”

Betclic Leaves Belgium Online Gambling Market

Online operator Betclic has announced that they’ve pulled out of the Belgian online gambling market. They decided to leave the market after a federal prosecutor made a series of allegations relating towards the gambling group breaking the law, saying that by offering their gambling services to the Belgian citizens that it was illegal.

Belgium flag

Betclic has wanted to make it clear to everyone that they have done nothing wrong in the Belgian online gambling market and that they’ve only decided to pull their gambling services from the country in order to avoid the potential of jail time and large fines that could result in the company going bankrupt. In order to stop a larger issue they created a smaller one which will die down in the weeks to come.

Back in 2013, Belgium’s Gambling Operator seized a total of sixty thousand users from Betclic. This was back when Belgian was blacklisting a large amount of professional gambling operators. This marks the second time that Betclic has had issues in the country, resulting in the operators never returning back to the Belgian gambling market.

We are unsure as to what Betclic is going to do regarding the sixty thousand Euros their still owed by the Belgium government. We do know that Betclic will never return back to the Belgium gambling market unless it becomes legal and regulated across the board. Until then we will keep you updated on any new information released pertaining towards Betclic’s future.

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