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United Kingdom Parish Clerk Sentenced To Jail

Earlier this week an 28 Year old woman from the United Kingdom was given one year in Jail. This sentence came after the UK Woman was found guilty of stealing a massive amount of money so that she could fund her online gambling addiction problems that she still has to this day.

Joanne Sharp, the 28 Year Old UK Woman was sentenced by the Peterborough Crown Court after she admitted to her fraud crimes. She stole a total of £65,000 from her company and to this day she has only paid back a total of £9,000.

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Miss. Sharp committed her crimes back in 2009. At the time Miss. Sharp was working as a clerk for a local church in her city, during his employment she took it upon herself to forge various checks in order to receive money to gamble with online. Sharp was eventually caught when the churches bank was sent an inquiry relating to the checks that she had signed. This resulted in the police being called, Miss. Sharp being taken into custody and eventually her sentencing which occurred only this week.

The Recorder in the Sentencing trail, Angela Rafferty commented on the results of this case saying, “This offense is considered to be serious for the fact that Miss. Sharp stole from a church. One year in prison cannot be justified and we hope that her punishment becomes more strict with a new ruling.”

This shows how upset people are over Miss. Sharps actions towards the church.

6 Online Gambling Rings Raided By Malaysian Police

Malaysian Police Authorities in Subang Jaya announced earlier on this month that they conducted six raids involving illegal online gambling rings on Thursday, March 6th. The results of this raid was the seizure of over 220 computers, allowing for the authorities to take one step closer in abolishing illegal online gambling in their country.

These raids were planned and finalized after a concerned citizen made an anonymous tip about the activity of these illegal gambling rings. It took fifty three officers in order to make this operation a success. Police officers in Subang Jaya had to break through four different doors before they could reach the hub of these gambling rings.

Subang Jaya map

Each one of these illegal gambling rings were operating under an legitimate business, thus by allowing for them to operate for a longer period of time without being caught by the authorities. All of the computers for their illegal gambling operations were located in the back rooms of the facilities.

No arrests have been made in these raids, every one of the operators and customers behind these illegal gambling rings were able to sneak through back doors or hidden entrances before authorities could make any arrests.

The Malaysian Subang Jaya Police Force made an official statement saying, “We are still working to find the owners and operators behind these illegal gambling rings. We have been able to seize 223 computers which will allow for us to find connections to other illegal gambling rings. Those involved with this ring as asked to come forward and turn themselves in.”

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