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Online Gambling regulations to be reconsidered in Turkey

Members of the Turkish Parliament are considering changing the online gambling laws within Turkey. The new laws would allow for authorities to block an online gambling site without having to go through the proper judicial procedures. This means no investigation would be needed in order to back up the authorities claims.

This poses a major threat to Turkish online players as one day they could be enjoying their experience at their favorite betting websites to only find out the next day that it has been blacklisted. This potentially means that Turkish Authorities could whip out online gambling in Turkey as a whole.

Tayyip Erdogan, the Prime Minister of Turkey and his fellow business allies presented proof of the wrongdoing that has occurred within their country. He noted that Social Media and Video Sites have allowed for the citizens of his country to see the harmful actions that can occur due to online gambling.

The Communications Minister of Turkey Lutfu Elvan resported to Mr. Erdogan saying, “The majority of European countries has considerably easier laws that allow for online casinos to have a case before they are simply blacklisted. This is a horrible new law that’ll allow for authorities to potentially destroy all of online gambling in Turkey.”
The President of Turkey Abdullah Gul has yet to approve the new law due to all of the negative feedback that has been coming from citizens located all across the country.

The Commissioner for human rights at the Council of Europe Niz Muizneiks also commented on the potential new law saying, “This is a hasty law that goes against the amendments that have been in parliament for years. It is a law that resembles one a communist regime would use.”

Austrian Supreme Court in need of assistance from the E.U

An Austrian citizen stands on trail for an online gambling case he was involved in and last week the case took a twist when the Supreme Court for Austria referred their case to the European Court of Justice.

This odd case had an online punter lose a million Euros while he was playing online roulette. The only issue is that the online casino this online punter was playing at wasn’t licensed or regulated to operate in Austria. He was accused of helping operate the illegal online casino. The accusation quickly was supported by two individual Austrian lower court rulings. Eventually the case was sent all the way up to the Austrian Supreme Court.

Once this case was taken up to the higher level that is the Austrian Supreme Court, the online casino claimed that the betting laws in Austria go against the laws of the E.U., the claim has been thrown out the Supreme Court and due to this claim the Austrian Supreme Court has asked to consult with the E.U. in order to settle this case.

The European Court of Justice once ruled that online state gambling monopolies is legal as long as they protect online punters, serve the public in a positive way an reduce problem online gambling. Once the online casino broke those three rules the casino was set for court.

We will continue to update on all the new information that comes out regarding this case.

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