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Online Gambling Soft Launch in Delaware

Three betting operators in the state of Delaware launched their online gambling operations. The software of choice for these operators is the 888 software platform. This is a reliable and proven platform to operate games that are exciting and offer players an excellent opportunity at winning nice sums of money.

Online Betting is now available to a variety of certain players who have been invited by either Delaware Park, Dover Downs or Harrington. Only twenty games are being offered as of right now but more are well on their way and will be added as traffic increases over the next few months. Players as of right now can player 13 slot machines, 2 blackjack games, 4 roulette games and a video poker game as well. A variety of video poker games are set to be launched within the upcoming weeks, which are sure to please.

These video poker variants will include Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo, Omaha Hi/Lo and Seven Card Stud. We will continue to keep you updated as new information arises in this story. We can only hope Delaware’s transformation into online gambling goes smoothly.

Online Gambling Extension For New Jersey Passes Senate

Online Gambling Extension For New Jersey Passes Senate
The Wagering, Tourism and Historic Preservation Committee of The New Jersey State Government has allowed for a bill to be passed. This new ill would allow for the Atlantic City online casinos to operate outside of their casinos, they casinos must stay within the city borders though.

This new bill gives all the Atlantic Casinos the opportunity to move their servers out of their land based casinos, the servers will have to be physically located within the Atlantic City borders. The serves will also have to be under control or supervision of the casino or a contributing partner.

If this new bill becomes law it would open a new world for New Jersey. The state would become an online gambling hub, hosting multiple servers and you’d see the population rise in a short period of time. This would increase the economy in New Jersey and overall be a positive thing for the state.

Commenting on this new bill is the Jim Whelan, the Senator of New Jersey and he said, “Right now the majority of the Atlantic Casinos don’t have the space they need in order to operate their online casinos. This new bill will allow for them to relocate in the city borders and give players a better experience.”

The bill is now in Senate to be fully approved and hopefully one day become law. As more news comes out about this new bill we will keep you updated on everything you want to know.

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